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Interview: Peter Rojas goes over the most recent iPod technology

Interview: Peter Rojas goes over the most recent iPod technology

The evolving use of superhigh frequency ID tags is just one picture of the ways in which users adjust brand-new modern technology to a myriad of purposes. An additional instance captured our eye: MP3 players, such as the Macintosh iPod, now have a device that permits them to take pirate radio when driving in a minimalized kind. For the current on mini radio with a twist, we look to Peter Rojas, editorial director of as well as he's joining us from New york city City.



CONAN: Exactly how do these little transmitters function?

Mr. ROJAS: Well, essentially, they are add-ons to your iPod as well as they produce a really small, not really powerful FM signal, which you can detect any radio, usually within concerning 10 to maybe 20 feet.

CONAN: So simply put, if I have my iPod in my cars and truck, I simply turn this device on as well as I can hear what's on my iPod on my automobile the best car speakers for bass

Mr. ROJAS: Yeah, you need to be able to. I mean, there are a lot of variables involved. If you stay in a city where there are a lot of effective radio terminals, you may not be able to override those and choose it up on your vehicle stereo, but ...

CONAN: So do you need to tune ...

Mr. ROJAS: ... normally they do work.

CONAN: So you're indicating you need to tune this to a regularity that's not being used by other radio stations.

Mr. ROJAS: Yeah, ideally. And so a lot of them really often tend ahead-- I imply, some of them you can-- some of these gadgets you can set the regularity, and also several of them just come preset to frequencies that do not tend to have a great deal of radio stations already there on the dial.

CONAN: Well, they opt for, as you claimed, 20, 30 feet. Are individuals using them to transmit to not just their automobile, yet to somebody else's auto?

Mr. ROJAS: Well, what people are doing is they're hacking these things a bit. You recognize, the FCC has a great deal of guidelines concerning what you can do and how powerful these points can be and what type of, you know, signal and range they can have. Therefore with a couple of little alterations-- as an example, Lion makes one for the iPod called the iTrip, and also they have the antenna really inside the iTrip, but if you just eliminate a little sticker, draw the antenna out, you can actually boost the signal. You can usually increase it by around 20 or 30 percent, which does make a distinction if you're trying to reach, you recognize, the vehicle beside you.


Mr. ROJAS: Individuals are turning their automobiles right into, you understand, type of tiny iPod-driven radio stations.

CONAN: And you said it's manufactured by Griffin, so it's not an actual Mac item.

Mr. ROJAS: No, Mac does not actually manufacture these things themselves, however they are actually open to 3rd parties developing their very own iPod accessories. There's an entire host of iPod devices around.

CONAN: Hmm. Well, individuals used to say playing with their iPods-- is there extra widespread motion in the direction of tailoring gizmos?

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Mr. ROJAS: Well, people have been tailoring and playing with things for years, for possibly centuries, certainly. Yet in the past few years, gizmos have gotten so prevalent and also everyone has an iPod as well as an electronic camera as well as a laptop computer as well as an MP3-- or, you recognize, like, a video game console. As well as what we're seeing is that, as the cost of these points continue to plummet, all of a sudden it's not such a big deal if you accidentally damage it. And so people are taking a great deal of risks with their gizmos as well as doing some really intriguing points.

There's an entire culture of individuals that spend their time hacking the TiVo, which is the incredibly popular digital video clip recorder which allows you record TELEVISION programs. And among one of the most prominent hacks that appeared a few years earlier was people stated, 'Wait a 2nd. I have all these TELEVISION reveals stored in my hard disk on my TiVo but, you know, I 'd like to back them up to my COMPUTER.' And so people created a hack where you could in fact extract those data and also replicate them onto a PC. Naturally, TiVo wasn't extremely happy about this, and the TELEVISION stu-- you know, the networks weren't really satisfied in all, since it indicated individuals can copy their programs.

CONAN: Hmm. Well, as you claim, it occurs to me that probably the TiVo box you acquired, and probably your iPod, also, or your iTrip, says, you recognize, 'Under no circumstances take a screwdriver and also open up the back.'

Mr. ROJAS: Oh, these are definitely warranty-voiding hacks, when you breast these points open.

CONAN: Mm-hmm. Points are altering, I presume, that permit a great deal even more modification.

Mr. ROJAS: Well, I think-- I indicate, it's not simply with equipment; it's with software, likewise. When you have an MP3 player, rationale of buying an album as well as having to listen to the songs in the order that, you understand, the musician set them in simply flies right gone. You can create your very own playlist. You can place the tunes in any kind of order you want. You can leave songs out. You don't such as that tune on a cd; it's gone.

CONAN: Mm-hmm.

Mr. ROJAS: As well as individuals are getting used to this concept of being able to obtain things their way. And also what I'm seeing is, you understand, on all type of levels-- I indicate, if you don't such as the means Windows XP looks, you can-- we have a guide on Engadget regarding transforming-- making Windows XP appearance exactly like you're running the Mac operating system.

CONAN: Wow! I.

Mr. ROJAS: And also many people can't discriminate.

CONAN: But I guess kind of' Wow 'is the entire factor of this, isn't it?

Mr. ROJAS: It's nearly enjoying with right stuff. It has to do with, you know-- I indicate, hacking and also tinkering is kind of half the fun. I imply, you might not always, you know, get something extremely valuable that deserved those hundreds of hrs or, you recognize, tens of hours that you spent having fun with it, however at the same time-- you know, individuals in fact really take pleasure in obtaining hands-on with this stuff. I indicate, there's this feeling that occasionally we obtain-- feel so estranged and kind of, like, overwhelmed by all this technology, that it's in fact kind of enjoyable to break it open and also play with it and have fun with it and make it your very own.

CONAN: Peter Rojas, many thanks quite.

Mr. ROJAS: Thank you.


CONAN: Peter Rojas is an independent innovation writer and editorial director of the Internet site and also he joined us on the phone from New York City.

In Washington, I'm Neal Conan, NPR News.

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