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    *updated expr to the latest version (still exhibits a crasher bug due to buggy free function). · 43a2cb9d
    Ivica Bukvic authored
    *updated latest additions by Jonathan--still need following fixes:
    1) enter-leave demos don't work at all (any demo involving enter-leave)
    2) crasher in easing is still valid
    3) spin-spin-spin crashes pd-l2ork when trying to close the patch while the image is spinning and being animated
    4) curve-bbox is still having accuracy issues (tkpath issue)
    5) polar clock still exhibits issues of warping curve (tkpath issue)
    6) On the 15.events.pd change call is never issued--is this another side-effect of me not applying everything?
    7) Is there a 14. patch for ds-tutorials? I didn't find one.
    8) in ds-tutorials is gmon.out necessary or is this a stale file?
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