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    port from Pd Vanilla (some of these were already ported): 5a1b58 · d7ccb9db
    Jonathan Wilkes authored
    These bugs were discovered via static code-analysis
    (The CID numbers are the "Coverity IDs" used to identify the various bugs)
    - Don't free binbuf within glist_readfrombinbuf (CID:74871)
    - it must be deleted by the caller
    - Initialize sockaddr_in (CID:74861,74862,74863,74866)
    - Initialize indelay/outdelay (CID:74864,74865)
    - Initialize device-arrays (CID:74853,74854,74855,74856)
    - Closing unneeded sockets (CID:74827)
    - Initialize sockaddr_in (CID:74860}
    - Close file-descriptor if the soundfile is unparsable (CID:74822,74823)
    - Close file-handle in cleanup (CID:74816)
    - Call va_end() when handling variadic args (CID:74872)
    - Added missing break (CID:74800)
    - Prevent NULL-dereferences (CID:74792,74793)
    - Size checks when copying into string buffers (CID:74844,74845,74846,74847,74849)
    - Freeing no-more used storage (CID:74832)
    - Fixed code block (CID:74806)
    - Initialize sockaddr_in (CID:74860)
    - Initialize array-values to 0 (CID:74867)
    - Free allocated memory (CID:74813,74830)
    - Removed allocation of unused memory
    - Use pd_free() to free templates (CID:74814)
    - template_free() does not free the entire structure (it misses the pd_new() part)
    - initialize variable (CID:77865)
    - Prevent NULL-pointer dererencing (CID:77864)
    - Free heap-allocate binbuf after use (CID:74833)