Commit 5411ca3e authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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*added redrawing of canvases that have gop enabled with scalars so that they...

*added redrawing of canvases that have gop enabled with scalars so that they automatically conform as the window is resized (as they should)
parent 5d3ab8a1
......@@ -1179,6 +1179,28 @@ void canvas_closebang(t_canvas *x)
// we use this function to check if the canvas that has sent out the <config>
// signal, meaning it has been resized, if we have scalars in there and
// the canvas has gop enabled, we need to redraw the window to make sure
// scalars scale with the window
void canvas_checkconfig(t_canvas *x)
t_gobj *y;
if (x->gl_isgraph)
for (y = x->gl_list; y; y = y->g_next)
if (pd_class(&y->g_pd) == scalar_class)
/* needed for readjustment of garrays */
extern t_array *garray_getarray(t_garray *x);
extern void garray_fittograph(t_garray *x, int n, int flag);
......@@ -1221,6 +1243,7 @@ static void canvas_relocate(t_canvas *x, t_symbol *canvasgeom,
void canvas_popabstraction(t_canvas *x)
......@@ -2204,6 +2227,8 @@ void g_canvas_setup(void)
gensym("rename"), A_GIMME, 0);
class_addmethod(canvas_class, (t_method)canvas_forwardmess,
gensym("forwardmess"), A_GIMME, 0);
class_addmethod(canvas_class, (t_method)canvas_checkconfig,
gensym("checkconfig"), A_NULL, 0);
/*---------------------------- tables -- GG ------------------- */
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