Commit 55b5efcb authored by Miller Puckette's avatar Miller Puckette
Browse files niceties

parent 103091b7
......@@ -126,10 +126,9 @@ bind Text <Control-s> {}
# the menus are instantiated here for the main window
# for the patch windows, they are created by pdtk_canvas_new
menu .mbar
canvas .dummy -height 2p -width 6c
frame .controls
pack .controls .dummy -side top -fill x
pack .controls -side top -fill x
menu .mbar.file -tearoff $pd_tearoff
.mbar add cascade -label "File" -menu .mbar.file
menu .mbar.find -tearoff $pd_tearoff
......@@ -194,7 +193,7 @@ pack .controls.inout.out.label .controls.inout.out.level \
button .controls.dio -text "DIO\nerrors" \
-command {pd [concat pd audiostatus \;]}
button .controls.clear -text "clear\nprinout" \
button .controls.clear -text "clear\nprintout" \
-command {.printout.text delete 0.0 end}
pack .controls.inout.out -side left -padx 6
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