Commit 690039ae authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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add missing conditional accidentally left out of the Vanilla backports

parent bbdd73db
......@@ -1171,8 +1171,9 @@ void canvas_initbang(t_canvas *x)
t_symbol *s = gensym("loadbang");
/* run "initbang" for all subpatches, but NOT for the child abstractions */
for (y = x->gl_list; y; y = y->g_next)
if (!canvas_isabstraction((t_canvas *)y))
canvas_initbang((t_canvas *)y);
if (pd_class(&y->g_pd) == canvas_class &&
!canvas_isabstraction((t_canvas *)y))
canvas_initbang((t_canvas *)y);
/* call the initbang()-method for objects that have one */
for (y = x->gl_list; y; y = y->g_next)
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