Commit 840532d9 authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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toc update: add platform qualifiers, remove Faust and Pure sections.

parent 98ae0329
......@@ -130,28 +130,18 @@ var toc = [
id: "extra/disis",
title: "DISIS",
description: "DISIS externals (wiimote et al)"
id: "extra/faust",
title: "Faust",
description: "Faust extension (functional dsp programming language)"
description: "DISIS externals (Linux only)"
id: "extra/Gem",
title: "GEM",
description: "Graphics Environment for Multimedia (OpenGL graphics in Pd)"
description: "Graphics Environment for Multimedia (Windows and Linux only)"
id: "extra/lyon",
title: "LyonPotpourri",
description: "Eric Lyon's external collection"
id: "extra/pure",
title: "Pure",
description: "Pure extension (functional programming language)"
// Stop-gap translator
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