Commit 8e94c561 authored by Ivica Ico Bukvic's avatar Ivica Ico Bukvic Committed by Hans-Christoph Steiner
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Removed redundant todo file

parent 9996baa9
fix going outside boundaries
fix drawing when using const or drawing at the threshold
struct _garray
t_gobj x_gobj;
t_scalar *x_scalar; /* scalar "containing" the array */
t_glist *x_glist; /* containing glist */
t_symbol *x_name; /* unexpanded name (possibly with leading '$') */
t_symbol *x_realname; /* expanded name (symbol we're bound to) */
char x_usedindsp; /* true if some DSP routine is using this */
char x_saveit; /* true if we should save this with parent */
char x_listviewing; /* true if list view window is open */
char x_hidename; /* don't print name above graph */
t_symbol *x_send; /* send_changed hook */
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