Commit 8fd60b7f authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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remove unneeded sys_vgui call wrt clipboard manipulation

parent b35b55f6
......@@ -6173,7 +6173,8 @@ static void canvas_copy(t_canvas *x)
//#if defined(MSW) || defined(__APPLE__)
// /* for Mac or Windows, copy the text to the clipboard here */
sys_vgui("clipboard clear\n clipboard append {%.*s}\n", bufsize, buf);
/* We don't need this because editing happens GUI side now */
//sys_vgui("clipboard clear\n clipboard append {%.*s}\n", bufsize, buf);
/* in X windows the selection already went to the
clipboard when it was made; here we "copy" it to our own buffer
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