Commit 995f77ef authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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fix regression in tag for [draw g]

parent bd082680
......@@ -785,12 +785,10 @@ static void scalar_group_configure(t_scalar *x, t_glist *owner,
t_gobj *y;
char tagbuf[MAXPDSTRING];
sprintf(tagbuf, "draw%lx.%lx", (long unsigned int)gl,
sprintf(tagbuf, "dgroup%lx.%lx", (long unsigned int)gl,
(long unsigned int)data);
char parentbuf[MAXPDSTRING];
/* check if we're in an array-- really need to see if we can just
get rid of the different tag names for arrays... */
sprintf(parentbuf, "draw%lx.%lx",
sprintf(parentbuf, "dgroup%lx.%lx",
(long unsigned int)parent,
(long unsigned int)data);
gui_start_vmess("gui_draw_configure_all", "xs",
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