Commit c777df0e authored by Mathieu L Bouchard's avatar Mathieu L Bouchard
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correct my mistake due to makefile mistakenly not rebuilding some files in my test before commit

parent b0378e4c
......@@ -602,7 +602,7 @@ void garray_arraydialog(t_garray *x, t_symbol *s, int argc, t_atom *argv)
/* jsarlo { */
void garray_arrayviewlist_new(t_garray *x)
int i, type=0, elemsize=0;
int i, type=0, elemsize=0, yonset=0;
t_float yval;
char cmdbuf[200];
t_array *a = garray_getarray_floatonly(x, &yonset, &elemsize);
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