Commit d200a723 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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don't localize the initial messages in the main Pd window

parent 20958379
......@@ -741,12 +741,12 @@ function nw_create_pd_window_menus(gui, w) {
function post_startup_messages() {
// These will be the first messages printed to the main Pd window.
// Later let's use a link to the docs for new users."pd_window.welcome"));"Welcome to Purr Data");
// Warn the user if the font sizes aren't optimal. Font sizes which
// aren't optimal result in extra space at the end of object/message
// boxes
if (!pdgui.get_font_engine_sanity()) {"pd_window.font_size_warning"));"warning: your system's font stack is not optimal");
"hello": "world",
"iem": {
"prop": {
"heading": {
......@@ -270,8 +269,6 @@
"devtools_tt": "Show the DevTools window (for debugging)"
"pd_window": {
"welcome": "Welcome to Purr Data",
"font_size_warning": "warning: your system's font stack is not optimal",
"find": {
"placeholder": "Search in Console"
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