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    • Ivica Bukvic's avatar
      *Jonathan Wilkes' 2 patches addressing: · 63df5d82
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      - nested plots display properly
      - plot is vis'd and unvis'd properly when deleting plot or struct
      - commented out ugly plot_displace hack-- multiple plots should work just fine
      - separated out garray dependencies into class "old_plot".  This way the changes I made don't affect garrays.  _Very_ ugly hack, but it was pretty simple to implement and will be easy to remove later.
      - no crashes when non-existent arrays are entered into a [struct] that has scalars hanging around
      - template_cancreate ported from 0.45
      - added a function to get the offending struct (to use with "Find last error").  Not using it yet, though.
      + For creating scalars using an object box:
      - scalar must have initial "float x float y" fields, in that order.  This means you can't accidentally type the name of the hidden garray structs and create a scalar.  (Nor any other structs that only have a "y" field, etc.)
      - broken object box returned if the struct has a bogus array template.  (Although currently I'm just refusing to create such a struct.)
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      *updated expr to the latest version (still exhibits a crasher bug due to buggy free function). · 43a2cb9d
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      *updated latest additions by Jonathan--still need following fixes:
      1) enter-leave demos don't work at all (any demo involving enter-leave)
      2) crasher in easing is still valid
      3) spin-spin-spin crashes pd-l2ork when trying to close the patch while the image is spinning and being animated
      4) curve-bbox is still having accuracy issues (tkpath issue)
      5) polar clock still exhibits issues of warping curve (tkpath issue)
      6) On the 15.events.pd change call is never issued--is this another side-effect of me not applying everything?
      7) Is there a 14. patch for ds-tutorials? I didn't find one.
      8) in ds-tutorials is gmon.out necessary or is this a stale file?
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      *fixed bug where with JOC enabled in subpatch this only works for the bbox of... · 9856150f
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      *fixed bug where with JOC enabled in subpatch this only works for the bbox of the array, not the entire window
      *made intelligent offset to various forms of array representations so that scrubbing with mouse accurately applies to closest points
      *disabled drawing of a GOP rectangle inside GOP array window
      *disabled ability to insert objects inside a subpatch with an array
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      *added proper tagging to all gui objects · 0556b698
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      *gop leaving stale vanila objects
      *fixed bug where closing subpatcher of gop patch/abstraction redundantly opens gop patcher/abstraction
      *fixed bug where reordering did not properly deselect previously arranged elements
  28. 28 Aug, 2013 1 commit
    • Ivica Bukvic's avatar
      first stab at porting core GUI to tkpath with SVG goodness. new scrollbars... · f2742d32
      Ivica Bukvic authored
      first stab at porting core GUI to tkpath with SVG goodness. new scrollbars that will hopefully put an end to the old painful scrollbar nonsense. pdtk_tip clean-up and improvements. tons of other small bug fixes. a number of issues/wishlists still exist before the next big release:
      *improve g_array lower/raise to use new functionality (BUG! doesn't match any items)
      *scalar is drawn behind at first
      *Scope~ window name "h16ffd10" already exists in parent (likely resize hook)
      	*Change appearance of the resize hook
      *better getrect for scalars inside plot?
      *reenable bgerror and t_tkcmd catch
      *Clean-up and merge cyclone documentation
  29. 20 Aug, 2013 1 commit