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## Directory structure
# Purr Data
<img src="screenshot.png" alt="screenshot" width="1000"/>
- __Components__ : elements that are dynamically added to the page(menu, canvas, dialogs)
- __Components/dialogs__ : copied dialogs files from pd/nw
- __CSS__ : copied from pd/nw/css folder
- __CSS/webapp__ : styles created for this project
- __Dist__ : browserified PurrData JS files
- __Libs__ : external dependencies
- __Utils__ : common functions for this project
## Table of Contents
- [Overview](#overview)
- [Developers](#developers)
- [Accomplished Milestones](#accomplished-milestones)
- [Setup](#setup)
- [Directory Structure](#directory-structure)
- [Future Work](#future-work)
- [Reporting Bugs](#reporting-bugs)
## Overview
This document describes the work that was done under [Google Summer of Code 2020]( a.k.a. GSoC for organization Purr Data. The project idea was to make the native Purr Data run in a web browser by adding a WebAssembly target and HTML5 GUI framework.
**Purr Data** a.k.a. **Pd-l2ork 2** is an improved version of Miller Puckette’s Pd.
[Pd]( (Pure Data) is a graphical data-flow programming environment which is geared towards real-time interactive computer music and multimedia applications. It is a full-featured open-source alternative to its commercial sibling, Cycling74’s [Max](
[Purr Data]( serves the same purpose, but offers a new and much improved graphical user interface and includes many 3rd party plug-ins. Like Pd, it runs on Linux, macOS and Windows, and is open-source throughout.
The goal of this project is to make the Purr Data run in a web browser so it can be more accessible to users and make their work more easily shared with other people.
You can try the current version from
## Developers
- The backend part of the software has been mainly done by Zack Lee (
- The frontend part of the software has been mainly done by Hugo Carvalho (
## Accomplished Milestones
- Modified native Purr Data and libpd codebase to make them compatible with [Emscripten]( (Zack)
- Modified and created Makefile to build for Emscripten and to generate WebAssembly(`.wasm`) binaries for external libraries. (Zack)
- Cleaned the backend codebase and organized the file system so the project can be easily maintained. (Zack)
- Modified the existing NW.js based source code to make them compatible with web browsers. (Hugo)
- Reimplemented some elements(menu, canvas, style) specifically for the web browser. (Hugo)
- Integrated the backend with the frontend. (Hugo, Zack)
- Fixed some major bugs and errors in the frontend. (Hugo, Zack)
## Setup
In this project you will need Node.JS. You can follow [this guide]( to install it.
1. Clone this repository
2. Build
$ make emscripten
3. The project directory to host the web app is `purr-data/emscripten/project/purr-data`
4. You can run `npm start` under the project directory to run the app
## Known bugs list
- The view options still not implemented.
### Installing Dependencies (Linux)
sudo apt-get install git automake cmake fakeroot dpkg-dev libgconf-2-4
### Installing Node.js (macOS, Linux)
curl -o- | bash
### Installing/Activating Emscripten (macOS, Linux)
git clone
cd emsdk
git pull
./emsdk install latest
./emsdk activate latest
source ./
cd ..
- Update help browser to work on webapp
### Building Purr Data for Emscripten (macOS, Linux)
git clone
cd purr-data
git checkout emscripten
make emscripten
- If you try to close __Quick Reference__ the application stops responding (seems to be frozen)
### Running Purr Data in a web browser
- After the building is successfully completed, visit http://localhost:5000 in your browser.
- You can run `npm start` under `purr-data/emscripten/project/purr-data` to run the app again.
- If you create an object (e.g. [spigot]) and open a help file, scroll to the right end of the help file, then close the help file, the mouse coordinate doesn't work correctly in the first patch
## Directory Structure
- components: Elements that are dynamically added to the page. (canvas, dialogs, menu)
- components/dialogs: Copied dialogs files from `purr-data/pd/nw` folder.
- css: Copied css files from `purr-data/pd/nw/css` folder.
- css/webapp: Styles created for the web browser.
- dist: Browserified Javascript files. (pdgui.js, pd_shortcuts.js, pd_canvas.js)
- libs: External dependencies.
- utils: Common functions used for this project.
- Split patch canvas in half just works if you don't grow your patch more than half of the canvas container
## Future Work
- Fix shortcuts so they can work identically in browsers as the native Purr Data.
- Fix getting stuck in the loading screen until a mouse/key event is triggered in Firefox/Safari.
- Fix the patch not responding to mouse event after the help file is opened and not being clicked.
- Fix wrong mouse coordinate issue that happens in some circumstances.
- Fix or disable some of the global menu items not working.
- Fix graphical arrays being opened if the patch font size changes.
- Ask for saving the patch when the user closes an edited patch.
- Make the GUI(e.g. bang, toggle) property dialog window work.
- Make the dialog windows(e.g. property, text) appear in the right side of the patch instead of the left side bar.
- Merge patch menu into the global menu and make it work depending on the focus of patches.
- Style the patch window menu bar so it can show the focus state and add some buttons (e.g. close) for convenience.
- Make the patch window resizable by dragging its border.
- Make the patch window rearrangeable by dragging its menu bar.
- Improve the file manager so the files/folders can be added/renamed/deleted.
- Clean the frontend codebase and organize the file system.
- Make the work storable and sharable between users.
If you found any bugs, please let us know. You can contact using [mailing list]( or create an issue;
## Reporting Bugs
If you find any bugs, please let us know. You can contact using the [mailing list]( or create an [issue](
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