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    Add a global method to keep the watchdog happy while the GUI is busy. · f822bea0
    Albert Gräf authored
    For some reason, GUI operations which run for extended periods of time
    may cause the engine to crash with a SIGHUP error on Linux. Apparently
    this is caused by the watchdog bailing out and taking the engine with
    it. This affects the new print operation as well as the existing message
    operation in the file menu, possibly also search index generation for
    the help browser, and maybe some other operations that still need to be
    The new gui-busy method lets the GUI set an internal flag in the engine
    which makes the engine keep the watchdog happy while the GUI does its
    thing, using the same mechanism that is already in place to ping the
    watchdog when running GUI-less. To these ends, the GUI needs to invoke
    "pd gui-busy 1" when starting the time-consuming operation, and "pd
    gui-busy 0" when the operation is done.