Commit 3964dea2 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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remove "matrix~" from iemmatrix to prevent nameclash with cyclone/matrix~

parent 13dc22ec
#include "../src/mtx_mul~.c"
void matrix_tilde_setup()
......@@ -925,7 +925,7 @@ void mtx_mul_tilde_setup(void)
/* compatibility with tm's iem_matrix */
class_addcreator((t_newmethod)matrix_multilde_new, gensym("matrix_mul_line~"), A_GIMME, 0);
/* compatibility with jmz's zexy */
class_addcreator((t_newmethod)matrix_multilde_new, gensym("matrix~"), A_GIMME, 0);
//class_addcreator((t_newmethod)matrix_multilde_new, gensym("matrix~"), A_GIMME, 0);
class_addmethod(matrix_multilde_class, (t_method)matrix_multilde_dsp, gensym("dsp"), 0);
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