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WIP: Initial test towards implementing GOP nlets above GOP objects

Ivica Bukvic requested to merge 20200913-gop-draw-order into master
  • IMPORTANT! READ BEFORE TESTING. This only works with the plain gop objects and number gatoms. See attached patch with the WIP merge request. We need to discuss to see if this is the right step forward.

  • What works: correct object positioning and interaction, GOP nlets are above the object (currently they aren't and this is a usability bug, and is also one of the blockers for the proper integration of the K12 mode), and all the other usual interaction (needs to be more thoroughly tested).

  • What doesn't work: gatom is also drawn selected when the parent is selected, gatom's appearance defaults to GOP's since it is a child group of its group. This will be likely resolvable using css rules with !important.

  • What needs to happen: core developers need to agree that this is the right path forward. The advantage is that more of the gop object manipulation is shifted to the GUI, which is another baby step towards separating the two. Potential bad news is dealing with all the other reordering and adjustments to the source even though it appears that gui_gobj_new is not called in that many places (perhaps half-dozen or so).

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