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Improvements to iemgui numbox (drawstyle, font sizing and dialog) (was: now checks & autoadjusts height based on font size)

Ivica Bukvic requested to merge iemgui-numbox-autoheight-from-font into master
  • drawstyle ported from 1.x (formerly known as hide_frame option)

  • font sizing applies only to the label, not the number value

  • number value is automatically sized based on the numbox height

  • improved dialog to accommodate the new option

  • fixed sizing inconsistency when changing fonts (fonts only apply to the label, this was the case even before this patch), which is not how vanilla behaves but nonetheless is now a preferred way of operating, so when calculating the numbox width, we make sure it only uses the default font (DejaVuSans)

Edited by Ivica Bukvic

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