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Gop redrect and scalars regression fix

Ivica Bukvic requested to merge gop-redrect-n-scalars-regression into master

IMPORTANT! Please note this is applied on top of the !587 to ensure there are no further regressions and is probably best applied after that merge request is merged.

  • It is supposed to toggle on and off depending on whether the subpatch has scalars only in it. It does this by also intelligently accounting for temporary text objects that are created and need to be filled by the scalar name before they are converted into a scalar class.

  • There is one condition the original implementation failed to account for: creating a new text_object in an empty canvas which erroneously still resulted in the assumption that the subpatch consisted of only scalars.

  • This patch fixes this special case.

  • To test: create an empty subpatch and enable GOP, inside the subpatch create an empty object which will erase GOP until you make that object something concrete (e.g. print). With this merge request applied, the GOP redrect will in this case never disappear (and it shouldn't). It will continue to disappear in situations where there are only scalars (as per original merge request that was merged a while ago).

Edited by Ivica Bukvic

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