Commit 219fa79e authored by Ivica Ico Bukvic's avatar Ivica Ico Bukvic
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additional fixes for k12 mode and minor clean-up

parent aab8fe1b
......@@ -386,6 +386,10 @@ proc pdtk_enable_k12_mode {extra_dir} {
image create photo i.edit -file $extra_dir/K12/icons/edit.png
image create photo i.perform -file $extra_dir/K12/icons/perform.png
pack forget .controls.switches.audiobutton
#pack forget .controls.inout delete 0 2
# calculate offset on a movable canvas
......@@ -674,7 +678,7 @@ match_linux_wm [list checkbutton .controls.switches.audiobutton -text {compute a
-variable ctrls_audio_on \
-command {pd [concat pd dsp $ctrls_audio_on \;]}]
match_linux_wm [list checkbutton .controls.switches.meterbutton -text {peak meters} \
match_linux_wm [list checkbutton .controls.switches.meterbutton -text {peak meters } \
-variable ctrls_meter_on \
-command {pd [concat pd meters $ctrls_meter_on \;]}]
......@@ -1466,8 +1470,8 @@ if {$pd_nt != 2} {
.mbar.edit add command -label Duplicate -accelerator [accel_munge "Ctrl+d"] \
-state disabled
# this should apply to .printout.frame.text
.mbar.edit add command -label {Select all} -accelerator [accel_munge "Ctrl+a"]\
-command {pdtk_post selall; .printout.frame.text tag add sel 1.0 end}
.mbar.edit add command -label {Select all in console} -accelerator [accel_munge "Ctrl+a"]\
-command {.printout.frame.text tag add sel 1.0 end}
.mbar.edit add command -label {Reselect} \
-accelerator "Ctrl+Enter" -state disabled
.mbar.edit add separator
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