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Polish the makefile clean target on mac. Now feel free to make clean, git add . and commit

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......@@ -30,8 +30,11 @@ pd.pc
\ No newline at end of file
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -253,11 +253,14 @@ dmg:
distclean: package_clean
$(MAKE) -C $(packages_src) $(DEST_PATHS) distclean
# We need to do the externals clean after individual cleans in all dists
# because otherwise the individual cleans will produce more garbage...
clean: oldclean externals_clean
clean: package_clean
# This is the original 'clean' target.
oldclean: package_clean
$(MAKE) -C $(packages_src) $(DEST_PATHS) clean
package_clean: darwin_app_clean spotlight_importer_clean
-chmod -R u+w -- $(BUILD_BASE)
-rm -rf -- $(BUILD_BASE)
......@@ -287,6 +290,25 @@ darwin_app_clean:
-rm -rf --
-rm -f -- k12-launcher/Info.plist
# This is a temp solution for certain build files that didn't get properly cleaned up
# long ago and got stuck in the git repo.
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/OSCx/*/Makefile
-rm -rf -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/moocow/*/common/*
-rm -rf -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/moocow/*/a.out.dSYM/*
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/Makefile
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/*/Makefile
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/*/
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/compile
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/config.*
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/depcomp
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/install-sh
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/missing
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/stamp-h1
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/test-driver
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/zexy/*.pd
-rm -f -- $(cvs_root_dir)/externals/pdp/pdp_config.h
......@@ -219,6 +219,8 @@ local-clean:
-rm -f ../obj/* $(PDEXEC) $(BIN_DIR)/pdsend \
$(BIN_DIR)/pdreceive $(BIN_DIR)/pd-watchdog m_stamp.c
-rm -f -- *~
-rm -f config.h
-rm -f s_version.h
-(cd ../doc/6.externs; rm -f *.pd_linux)
-rm -f makefile.dependencies
touch makefile.dependencies
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