Commit 3eff477c authored by Ivica Bukvic's avatar Ivica Bukvic
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*fixed offset on paste to match that of create

parent 79e7dc7e
......@@ -5954,7 +5954,7 @@ static void canvas_paste_atmouse(t_canvas *x)
/* redraw objects */
canvas_undo_already_set_move = 1;
(x->gl_editor->e_xwas)+5-x1, (x->gl_editor->e_ywas)-y1);
(x->gl_editor->e_xwas)-x1-8, (x->gl_editor->e_ywas)-y1-8);
//glist_setlastxy(x, (int)((x->gl_editor->e_xwas)+5-x1), (int)((x->gl_editor->e_ywas)-y1));
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