Commit d7432e4a authored by Albert Gräf's avatar Albert Gräf
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Backported vanilla commit 44776289 by umlaeute: silence DSP-error when autopatching.

parent a85a24dc
......@@ -686,15 +686,9 @@ void ugen_connect(t_dspcontext *dc, t_object *x1, int outno, t_object *x2,
error("object with signal outlets but no DSP method?");
/* check if it's a "text" (i.e., object wasn't created) -
if so fail silently */
t_text *t2 = (t_text *)x2;
// The following only happens if the DAC is on while connecting
// objects. If this is not yet initialized object we don't
// really know if its inlet is signal or not, so we don't post
// the error.
if (pd_class(&t2->te_pd) != text_class ||
(pd_class(&t2->te_pd) == text_class && t2->te_type == T_TEXT))
"signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)");
else if (!(x2 && (pd_class(&x2->ob_pd) == text_class)))
"signal outlet connect to nonsignal inlet (ignored)");
if (sigoutno < 0 || sigoutno >= u1->u_nout || siginno >= u2->u_nin)
......@@ -743,7 +737,7 @@ static void ugen_doit(t_dspcontext *dc, t_ugenbox *u)
is set. We don't yet know if a subcanvas will be "blocking" so there
we delay new signal creation, which will be handled by calling
signal_setborrowed in the ugen_done_graph routine below. */
int nonewsigs = (class == canvas_class ||
int nonewsigs = (class == canvas_class ||
((class == vinlet_class) && !(dc->dc_reblock)));
/* when we encounter a subcanvas or a signal outlet, suppress freeing
the input signals as they may be "borrowed" for the super or sub
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