Commit d8806463 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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cast sprintf args correctly so that compiler doesn't complain

parent 8d2069db
......@@ -5792,18 +5792,23 @@ static void plot_vis(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist, t_glist *parentglist,
// (t_word *)(elem + elemsize * i),
// usexloc, useyloc);
char tagbuf[MAXPDSTRING];
sprintf(tagbuf, "scelem%lx.%lx", elemtemplatecanvas,
(t_word *)(elem + elemsize * i));
sprintf(tagbuf, "scelem%lx.%lx",
(long unsigned int)elemtemplatecanvas,
(long unsigned int)((t_word *)(elem + elemsize * i)));
char parent_tagbuf[MAXPDSTRING];
if (in_array)
//sys_vgui("-parent {.scelem%lx.%lx}\n", parentglist, data);
sprintf(parent_tagbuf, "scelem%lx.%lx", parentglist, data);
sprintf(parent_tagbuf, "scelem%lx.%lx",
(long unsigned int)parentglist,
(long unsigned int)data);
//sys_vgui("-parent {.dgroup%lx.%lx}\n", x->x_canvas, data);
sprintf(parent_tagbuf, "dgroup%lx.%lx", x->x_canvas, data);
sprintf(parent_tagbuf, "dgroup%lx.%lx",
(long unsigned int)x->x_canvas,
(long unsigned int)data);
char transform_buf[MAXPDSTRING];
sprintf(transform_buf, "translate(%g,%g)", usexloc, useyloc);
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