Commit e1e7e108 authored by Jonathan Wilkes's avatar Jonathan Wilkes
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comment out old GUI call

parent e2b00d38
......@@ -1351,8 +1351,10 @@ static void garray_select(t_gobj *z, t_glist *glist, int state)
//fprintf(stderr,">>>>>>>>>>>>garray_select %d\n", state);
t_garray *x = (t_garray *)z;
sys_vgui("pdtk_select_all_gop_widgets .x%lx %lx %d\n",
glist_getcanvas(glist), x->x_glist, state);
/* There's no replacement for the following command in the
new GUI, but it looks like it's not needed anymore. */
//sys_vgui("pdtk_select_all_gop_widgets .x%lx %lx %d\n",
// glist_getcanvas(glist), x->x_glist, state);
scalar_select((t_gobj *)x->x_scalar, glist, state);
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