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......@@ -339,6 +339,18 @@ Here are some of the current tasks:
And Mathieu Bouchard's "pure unity" (not sure if this is the most
recent link...):
* adding support for double precision to the external libraries that ship with purr-data
* skills needed: knowledge about data types in C language(specially float and double)
* status: the core classes of purr data and the freeverb~ external library
have been changed to support both float and double but still the remaining
external libraries only have support for single precision.
The task ahead is to add double precision support to these external libraries.
As per the current resources we have the merge requests that have been used to add double
precision support to the core libraries:
And Katja Vetter's double precision patches to the pd-double project which were
actually used for adding double precision support to the core libraries of purr-data.
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