Commit 18f1901f authored by Guillem Bartrina's avatar Guillem Bartrina
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fix unmarking process, it failed to unmark when a dirty patch was deleted

parent 7301e935
......@@ -1022,6 +1022,10 @@ extern void canvas_group_free(t_pd *x);
void canvas_free(t_canvas *x)
//fprintf(stderr,"canvas_free %lx\n", (t_int)x);
canvas_dirtyclimb(x, 0);
t_gobj *y;
int dspstate = canvas_suspend_dsp();
......@@ -1288,7 +1288,6 @@ void canvas_undo_paste(t_canvas *x, void *z, int action)
void canvas_dirtyclimb(t_canvas *x, int n);
int clone_match(t_pd *z, t_symbol *name, t_symbol *dir);
/* recursively check for abstractions to reload as result of a save.
......@@ -1315,10 +1314,6 @@ static void glist_doreload(t_glist *gl, t_symbol *name, t_symbol *dir,
((t_canvas *)g)->gl_name == name &&
canvas_getdir((t_canvas *)g) == dir);
/* remove dirtiness visual markings */
if(remakeit && ((t_canvas *)g)->gl_dirty)
canvas_dirtyclimb((t_canvas *)g, 0);
/* also remake it if it's a "clone" with that name */
if (pd_class(&g->g_pd) == clone_class &&
clone_match(&g->g_pd, name, dir))
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