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    mingw64: Remove libdl.dll from the package. · e25d052a
    Albert Gräf authored
    NOTE: We've already done this for the mingw32 package in rev. 807068ce, which
    was prompted by a recent upgrade of the dlfcn package in msys2 which no longer
    ships that dll.
    However, it seems that the new dlfcn package also breaks Gem. At present,
    no-one knows what the actual issue with Gem is. But for the time being we have
    to downgrade the mingw-w64-i686-dlfcn package from 1.2.0-2 to 1.2.0-1 (which
    is known to work with Gem), until a future update of msys2 fixes the issue,
    or we figure out a way to work around it in Gem.
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