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Release 2.17.0

Albert Gräf requested to merge aggraef/purr-data:release_2.17.0 into master

I think that it's time for another release of the desktop app. This one has been cut from the latest git + !766 (merged) + !771 (merged), so in particular it includes all the latest bugfixes and improvements to the GUI presets, as well as arm64 support for Debian/Ubuntu.


  • incremental search in the help browser (Gabriela Bittencourt)
  • new declare -zoom option, useful for teaching (AG)
  • pddplink now accepts a symbol on its 1st inlet, looses its superfluous outlet (AG)
  • major cleanup of the GUI presets, especially the dark ones work much better now (JW)
  • arm64 support for the OBS Debian/Ubuntu builds (AG)

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